Life's Romantic Rollercoaster

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The Map of Individual Development

Learn to navigate your romantic partnership through life’s inevitable ups and downs.

Love is like a rollercoaster…

  • Understand how an individual evolves over a lifetime with this easy yet profound personality map and discover where you are along your journey.

  • Discover the complexities of your development, and how you interact with your partner’s development. It helps to explain the discomfort that often grows between partners who once were harmonious… and motivates you to keep going!

  • Get ready to feel renewed romantic passion, to have more fun, more playfulness and a deeper partnership than you’ve had in years.

The Marriage Map - The Book


Get Your Copy Of The #1 Amazon Bestselling Book THE MARRIAGE MAP

The Marriage Map

The Marriage Map Will…

  •   Show you how to reignite the love and passion in your marriage, even if it’s been gone for a long time.
  •   Help you to feel more connected with your partner, and how to dissolve the anger, resentment.
  •   Teach you the number one secret to lead you out of the power struggle in your marriage to a new life of partnership, joy, and pleasure…

Through both personal and mythological stories, authors Drs. Michael and Barbara Grossman share themselves deeply and honestly in order to inspire you to create and maintain your romantic partnership.

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The Marriage Map is a rich and sophisticated presentation of the stages of individual development and how it impacts married life. The three practical keys teach essential skills for married life.
New York Times bestselling author Daniel G. Amen, M.D

Empowering read! About time for a book written from experience by Barbara and Michael Grossman about what it takes to have a mutually reciprocal loving relationship for years that continues to bring joy, love and friendship to both. Practical how to`s that work. If you want this for you, get and read this book.
Author Terry Cole-Whittaker

The Marriage Map is a road map for creating and maintaining a healthy, enduring, and still romantic relationship … nicely balanced so that its readers can identify with the wife, the husband, or both. The authors` advice is practical, funny, and wise.
Author Stanley Krippner Ph.D

The Dance of Married Life

The similarity between dancing and marriage is unmistakable and powerful. We all want beautiful and harmonious relationships in which we glide artfully, enjoying the moment with our partner. Ballroom dance partners work tremendously to create a beautiful form and passionate feeling.

It takes years to dance beautifully, much like the growth of a good martial partnership goes on forever. Your marriage is like a dance, and you are dance partners dancing through life. When you find a situation or step uncomfortable, you respectfully inform your partner about it and examine the step to see if it could be smoother and more pleasant. That is how dance partners work with each other, and that is what The Marriage Map will teach you.

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Drs. Michael and Barbara  Grossman are the authors of the Amazon Bestselling Book:
The Marriage Map: The Road to Transforming Your Marriage From Ordeal To Adventure


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