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Barbara Grossman PhD and Michael Grossman MD have guided more than 30,000 clients to successful marriages. To accompany their highly successful book, The Marriage Map, they hold classes to help couples enhance their relationship and satisfy cherished dreams.

Current Class Schedule:

Falling In Love Forever Workshop

A Life Changing Course On Sunday Evenings:

How to move out of power struggle & create a new life of romantic partnership, joy, and pleasure.

Next Class Schedule: TBA. 

When you sign-up for our latest blueprint, “Life’s Romantic Rollercoaster” totally free of charge, we’ll keep you posted on our up-coming classes.


Falling In love Forever Workshop

FREE Introductory Class:

An Evening of Entertainment & Enlightenment To Bring Passion & Romance To Your Marriage

Drs. Michael and Barbara will perform The Stages of Love with Broadway and Beatles tunes to enlighten and entertain you with the inevitable changes that you will need to navigate in romantic relationships.


According to Doctors Michael & Barbara Grossman, authors of The Marriage Map, “There are 2 critical mistakes that kill romance in marriage.”

Class Schedule: Next class schedule: TBA. Admission is free, but seating is extremely limited. Click the button below for more info.

Location: Londance Studio 27261 La Paz Rd, Suite J, Laguna Niguel 92677

You’ll learn

  • To appreciate the differences between men and women
  • To understand the sensitivities of men
  • To understand the sensitivities of women
  • Practical tools to create joy and fun in your romantic relationship
  • How intimate sharing can be fun and safe for both men and women

  • Why women are angry
  • How men can defuse female anger
  • How to get your man to do everything you want
  • How to get your woman to be the romantic lover of your dreams

Ballroom Dance as a Metaphor for Creating Romantic Partnership

  • In standard ballroom dance there is intimate connection as you never stop holding your partner with both hands.
  • The frame is firm with clear boundaries as a metaphor for romantic relationship.
  • Your right sides are attached and your left sides are free for movement and self-expression.
  • The man is the stem and the woman is the flower. There are clearly defined roles.
  • Communication is constant as you are touching in five different places as you move along the dance floor. This is a metaphor for communicating in romantic partnership.

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Rosie T.

The course truly made us put our marriage at the forefront, at the very center of our life’s radar screen and thus makes us concise.

Shanon P.

This class saved our marriage! I cannot believe just 4 weeks ago we were on the road to divorce! I am so pleased and happy that The Good Lord Guided us here!

Gabrielle C.

Thank you for all your knowledge and assistance. It came at a time I felt all was lost.

Dao D.

The tools really help us to communicate more effectively than before.

Shane M.

The tools that you learn are so simple and effective but so enriching and helps you to be each other’s emotional healer.

Meredith M.

Great way to understand your partner more.

Cheryl C.

We both opened up more than I expected and actually did the exercises.

Terry W.

Empowering read! About time for a book written from experience by Barbara and Michael Grossman about what it takes to have a mutually reciprocal loving relationship for years that continues to bring joy, love and friendship to both. Practical how to's that work. If you want this for you, get and read this book.

Vijay P.

The thing I liked most is that it gives you a structure for dealing with problems and moving beyond problems and building a loving relationship.

Stanley K.

The Marriage Map is a road map for creating and maintaining a healthy, enduring, and still romantic relationship ... nicely balanced so that its readers can identify with the wife, the husband, or both. The authors' advice is practical, funny, and wise.

Jim L.

The course completely changes how we communicate and how we understand each other and our needs. The start of a complete transformation.

Skip P.

I came away from the course with a better understanding of my wife’s desires and needs, as well as with tools to use on a continuous basis to stay in touch.

Daniel A.

The Marriage Map is a rich and sophisticated presentation of the stages of individual development and how it impacts married life. The three practical keys teach essential skills for married life.

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