Marriage is very different today than it was a hundred years ago. The roles of husband and wife are more unclear, and our society seems to have no set rules for them. Even so, most people have great expectations for romantic satisfaction within marriage, as well as high hopes for healing and personal development. Each partner yearns, consciously or unconsciously, for the other to heal their early childhood wounds, and to love, accept, and cherish them.

The Journey of Marriage

The marriage journey is a hero’s and a heroine’s journey with many adventures including the experience of facing your fears, finding courage, discovering mentors, learning new skills, and dying to your old sense of self which feels something like depression before it feels like a new and more vital life. It will take time to go on this adventure, but it is a worthy human endeavor. It has the potential to transform your experience of love into something much more intense than you could ever imagine.

Marriages Are Not Smooth

The path of the romantic hero and heroine is not supposed to be a smooth ride. There are no shortcuts. Seeing the world, yourself, and your partner from a bigger perspective is always an intense process of stretching and letting go. Understanding our process for encountering and resolving those experiences in the context of adult development will allow you to reflect on your own life, and inspire you to use the challenges in your marriage for improvement and growth in your romantic relationship.

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